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Located UPSTAIRS, To the Right of the Front Desk

If you are looking to spend a bit of gil while having casual fun then look no further than the Gilded Dice Casino located upstairs, directly to the right as you walk into our Mansion! We offer three casino games for up to seven players each! We also offer a drinking game at our Main Bar, so gambling pros have much to do!

Our casino games change nightly so be sure to stop by often to play them all!


  • Players will do a /dice in party chat. 

    • 000-589, the​ house wins.

    • 590-949, players will get a 1.5x pay out.​​

    • 950-989, players will get a 2x pay out.

    • 990-999, players will get a 3x pay out.

      • 777, players will get a 4x pay out. 

      • October: changes to 666. (Spooky!)​

      • 69 or 420, dealer laughs and you spin again.

  • The dealer rolls a 1-13 /dice roll in party chat to draw cards for players trying to get as close to 21 without going over.

  • Players are dealt 2 cards to start with, they can choose to hit or stand.

  • Beating the dealer's hand - 1.5x payout

  • Getting a natural 21 on the starting hand (Ace + 10) - 2x payout

  • Aces (1) can count as 1 or 11.

  • Facecards (11-13) count as 10.

  • Dealer must stand on a 17 or higher

  • Standard Blackjack rules are in effect, such as splitting hands or doubling down.

  • The dealer draws cards from the Astrologian deck that the players place bets on.

  • Players bet on the cards Arrow, Bole, Ewer, Spire, or Spear.

  • The house wins if the Balance is drawn.

  • Once a round, 1k extra can be placed for a redraw if the house didn't win that round.

  • If your card is drawn, 2x pay out (plus the 1k if paid for a redraw that round)

Betting Ranges: 1000 Gil to 50,000 Gil - Sapphire VIP - 100,000 Max, Golden Diamond VIP - 200,000 Gil Max

(All Betting is done in 1000 gil increments.)

Are you a GK VIP Member? Then take advantage of the Casino Loyalty Points Program!

Earn points for every hand you play at a casino game and redeem them for fabulous prizes.

Earn one point for every roll of Riding High Slots, and two points for every round of Astro Roulette and Sunshine Blackjack!



Located At the main bar downstairs

Looking for some special casino-themed drinking challenges to get you in that gambling mood!? We have a few games at our main bar for you to try! For those looking to drink themselves silly or have a drinking contest with your entire entourage, We always have a good gamble for you!


25,000 - 100,000 gil bet

100,000 buy in bet

  • Buy in Bet is between 25,000 gil to 100,000 gil.

  • The bartender will create six shots from random stuff at the bar​ that he finds.

  • Customers will take a drink and do a /random roll.

  • Must beat over a 400 on their roll​.

  • If the Customer beats the 400 roll, then they will take another shot and do a /random roll to beat 400 once more.

  • If they do not beat a 400 then the game is over​.

  • If the customer beats all six shots they will win 5x their bet!

  • Buy in Bet is 100,000 gil.

  • The bartender makes a large tray of shots.

  • Everyone puts down a 100,000 bet to participate.

  • Everyone takes a shot and does a /random roll.

  • Must beat a 300 in order to continue participating.

  • If you roll beneath a 300 you are out of the running​.

  • Rolls will continue until there is just one man standing.

  • Or a draw has been agreed upon for ties​.

  • Winner will get the pot, Draws will split the pot winnings!

  • A 20% house fee will be taken from the pot​.

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