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SUMMER has come early for the Gilded Knob, so let's grab our bikinis and swimsuits and soak up some rays at Costa Del Sol!


If you're a VIP join us for party games to earn tokens you can turn in for fun prizes, such as minions, mounts, and more! Special prizes have been lovingly crafted by our very own VIP Patron, Toymaker Baro Llyonesse!


Don't miss a chance to take one home with you!


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Revealing our grand prize to one lucky patron who collects enough tokens first at this event--A Gabriel Mark III! Don't miss this opportunity to snag yourself one of the coolest mounts in the game!


Not a VIP? No worries! You can still come join in the fun! Relax and mingle with your favorite staff and enjoy drinks, food, and special attractions such as a kissing booth featuring some of your favorite dancers! Want to participate in the games and earn some prizes? You can always sign up for VIP and dive right in! Roll those dice and advance the gilded boardwalk in Costa del GOLD!


When: March 27th 6-10PM CST

Where: Malboro, Costa del Sol!

Who: YOU are invited!

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