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125,000 gil per hour

100,000 gil per hour for vips

One of the unique services offered by the Gilded Knob are our monthly ERP scenarios for customers to indulge in. Every month we will offer an immersive pre-set scenario with special private chambers and escorts costumes to match the scene. So allow yourself to be whisked away into an erotic fantasy and be shown all forms of true pleasure.

Every month the scenario will rotate to a new one so come by often!

To make a reservation for an ERP scenario please speak with our booking manager. They will tell you if your particular requested escort is available or unavailable for that week's scenario. If they are available the manager will then check that we have one of our scenario room unoccupied. We only have one room for these scenarios so be sure to book quickly while it is are open!

Time extensions may be unavailable or restricted if the escort/room is already reserved afterwards.


All of december

On the corner of Second and Main Street, there is a shop owner who has had a rough year. They are kind, helpful, and generous. Life did not return the favor. Your venture is to brighten up their year, one evening at a time until the Starlight Festival is over. You may use any means at your disposal to accomplish this.

You must have read the letter a dozen times, thought of as many ways to brighten up the day of this friend you have not met yet. A pair of weary eyes watch you approaching the counter. When the shopkeeper greets you with "Hey. We're closed right now, but I can help you. What may I do for you?" You know there is only one choice. Bring a smile back to their face.

How will you spread Starlight joy to this tired stranger?


In this scenario, the client may choose to be the stressed shopkeeper or the caring helper.

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