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Divakar Oronir

PR Manager, Hiring Manager


A mysterious and somewhat shady man Divak has been a long time associate with Madame Divya. Brought into the Gilded Knob as a consultant and manager Divak intends to keep the place running better than perfect and keep its glittering halls the best there is to offer in Eorzea's nightlife. Rumors are floating about that Mr. Divak also has his hands in some... less than savory businesses outside of the GK known for black marketing and other very illegal things. Whether this is true or not is yet to be seen. But one thing is clear: he is not a man to be fully trusted and Madame Divya seems to have something against him, that is forcing this notorious man of mayhem to behave ethically.

You'd be surprised just what people will do for a bit of gil. It's pathetic really.

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