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​   THE STORY   ​

The historical Dailemont Manor- once known as a lavish weekend getaway for the rich and famous -closed for business years ago due to a desperate need for restoration. The previous owners of the estate had abandoned the property altogether and let it fall into further disarray rather than repairing it.

An anonymous entrepreneur has purchased the old bed & breakfast recently with the intentions of returning it to its glory days and once pristine state. After intense renovations the property was once more a shining jewel of luxury. The proprietor has chosen to remain unknown, much to the piqued interest of everyone in town.

You and an exclusive group of guests have all received invitations to a private party in celebration of Dailemont Manor’s grand reopening, invited by our unknown benefactor. Not everyone on the guest list is known to get along with each other, leaving an air of apprehension hanging. Will the party go off without a hitch? Or will there be blood spilled tonight? And who is our mysterious proprietor, why does he or she wish to remain anonymous?


The Gilded Knob invites you to come and try to solve our murder mystery of Dailemont Manor! With a cast of character portrayed by the GK Staff and an immersive mansion just for the event, you will find yourself lost to the thrills and chills of the night.

Fabulous prizes and GK VIP Vouchers will be given out at the end of the night to those who solve the mystery! So get to sleuthing and figure out this whodunit.

Sunday, Dec. 6th

Doors close at 07:15 pm CST

Hosted on the GK Event Venue

Plot 05, 10th Ward, The Mists, Malboro

Once the doors are closed no one else may enter

so be sure to get there early so you aren't locked out!

​   THE CAST   ​

Below is a gallery of all of the characters who will be a part of the murder mystery!

Be sure to click their images to learn more information about them.

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