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The Gilded Knob invites you to our March date auction, the Spring Fling! Come bid on our lovely staff to win a two hour date with them! The date may consist of RP, ERP*, dungeon grinding, crafting/gathering, raiding content, and so much more! Don't miss your chance to spend some quality one on one time with the GK staff.

*Not all GK staff will be up for ERP options. Please be sure to double check if the person you wish to bid on allows ERP or not. There will be strictly no ERP for Lalafells. Don't lewd the Lala.

Thursday, March the 18th

Auction begins at 08:00 pm CST

Hosted on the GK Mansion Lawn

Plot 15, 17th Ward, The Mists, Malboro

3 Winning Bids per Patron Maximum

250k Minimum Starting Bid

​   THE STAFF   ​

Below is a gallery of all of the staff that will be available for purchase the day of the auction!

Be sure to click their images to learn more information on what they are offering.

031521 - Akari B.png

Probably the newest face at the Gilded Knob is that of Akari Kamiya. This pretty little kitten has a way with a camera like no other, perhaps you could convince her to make you her muse. Or you could bring her along for a ride in the hardest of dungeons as she treats your wounds and cures your ailments. Curious beyond bounds, will you show her the world?



The lovely Amelie Leroux is here to brighten your evening! She's here for looking but don't touch! From what I hear this gorgeous Hyur has some exquisite talent with a paintbrush or even a camera! Perhaps you’ve seen her work in our VIP photoshoots? How much can we get this beauty to go for?



Well look here- it’s our resident Hroth! Bojan Avesna is here to elate your senses. A wonderful drinking companion, and I'm sure he can be an incredibly compassionate companion. He'd be more than happy to do whatever you'd like, so take a chance on him! Otherwise you could ask him to craft you fine jewelry, or maybe armour to replace yours if yours somehow stops covering you. 



Oh, Is that a Miss Briette Rose coming up? This darling young lady aspires to pose you however you wish, and trust me she has the skills to do so. Modeling not your passion? Well, luckily for you she also is great in a dungeon… Quite versatile if you get what I mean. Any position, she’ll fill it. Speaking of, take her out for dinner. See where things go. She is a true peach.



This cat has some claws, wanna test them out? Our lovely Elouera Desrosiers is up to the block, talented and witty. Cute and ready for a little adventure... A little wining and dining with this cat and you'll have a beautiful date. Elouera is also incredibly skilled in the arts to maybe take her up on that!



Following up that performance isn’t going to be easy, but if anyone can do it.. It’s our very own Cuore Mysidia. This wise lady is willing to spend the evening with you, or you can send her into a dungeon for you. Really we don’t mind. She is looking for a long term friend, perhaps someone for brunch and gossip?



He’ll take any job for the right price, it’s the ever serious Ferrum Caeruleum. This Au’ri is ready and willing to hold you hand through the darkest of dungeons. Or you could retire to a room for the night and spend the night whispering against his horns trying to bring out his softer side. Usually he spends his night hunting bounties, will you let him hunt you instead?



Our wonderful lady Hyur is here to take your heart, and you’d best give it up! Miss Isolde Hawke would love to show you a great time, wherever the mood takes you… and for an added bonus, she’s a great photographer as well, and having wonderful pictures taken of your sweet adventures would be such a prize. Come, reach out and bid for her... Capture this moment!



The amazing Isseya Solaris! Our lovely Miqo'te may change her hair but can't she change her stripes! Isseya is available for all forms of conversation in intimate settings, she can do plenty of things.. for you and /to/ you! A little catnip can go a long way… Let's get her some love and heatpats folks!



Mister Kaito Coppertail is quite dashing. Perhaps you’ve seen him on our floor, keeping throats far from parched and doing it all with a clever smile. Now, you can see him doing much much more, and perhaps /in/ much much less! Take this talented Miqo'te with you on your next outing, wherever it may be… and perhaps it will be you purring by the end of the night.


031521 - Maximillion B.png

Coming right up is one of our finest officers and a true jack-of-all-trades, Mister Maximillian Leroux! This tall glass of chilled wine can fill any role in your grand adventures, craft any item you could dream of, and even produce sparkling adverts for all you club leaders out there! Or you could let him pull you aside and he can show off how silvered his tongue truly is with just a little of that Ishgardian charm. Certainly a night you don’t want to miss!



Look, it's the beautiful Lurial Mephistaat! This charming lady is here tonight with the promise to whisper sweet nothings in your ears all night long, or against your horns if you don’t have ears for her to nip at. We also hear that she is something of a whiz with a camera. Of course, we do have to suggest that you send her out into the wild to gather things for you, or perhaps get her to adorn you in the finest of cloth.



Presenting to all you lovely folks, our Madame, Monika Mephistaat! This sultry goddess loves running with her adventurous side, so why don’t you join her? If that isn’t your fancy, she is more than willing to spend her time inside creating an adventure of her own with you while confined to the four walls of a bedroom. I promise you will not be disappointed with this stunning Raen, let’s end this night with a Bang.



Our resident himbo,folks. He can’t read a book, but he promises he can read you as if you were one. He aspires to put a smile on the face of every lovely lady that crosses his path, perhaps you should walk by him twice. As tough as he looks, I hear he is a real softie when needed. Why don’t you commit the ultimate sin and hold his hand. Or perhaps find some other sins you want to partake in.



The cutest bimboy himself. Our own personal starchild. We have Ophiuchus Crux. Ophi here has been VERY hands on with this event, and is ready to be hands on with you! If that doesn’t strike your fancy, perhaps we could offer you the stars, as Ophi is a talented Cartomancer who will bring the very future down from the heavens to be shown before your eyes. Don’t worry.. Your future will be full of fun with Ophi...



Our newest mage-dancer has come, and he’s ready to enchant your night! Put your hands together for this divine Miqo'te. Pharo’a Anhebi is very open to trying new things out in the field and in the bedroom, so perhaps you’d like to explore together? Or, if you’d like a bit more art in your life, Pharo’a is a traditional artist who’d be more than willing to work with you in making the next great work. Perhaps he could paint you like one of his Ishgardian Girls?


031521 - Ruby B.png

Care to see what’s behind our bar? It’s not just drinks and spirits, It’s also beautiful darlings such as Miss Ruby Rose! Ruby can take you on a night on the town, or a night inside by the fireplace, and you know you’ll definitely get your fair share of delicious drinks as well. Miss Ruby is here for those of you with a refined palate and delectable tastes.



Bringing up the heat a little is Sira Camoa. This spicy bun promises nothing short of the best night of your life. She is incredibly open about things, and will try anything once. Or you could watch her bend over and gather the ingredients for Coffee Biscuits. No matter what you chose to do with this blond bombshell, you will be far from disappointed.



Miss Katyusha Edelweiss makes everything better; this sweet little kitty is a delight on stage and when hidden away behind closed doors. Or you can ask her to run with you through some dungeons, really get the blood pumping and your hearts pounding. Of course, we do support other means of doing that, who wouldn’t with a face such as this one? Come grab a taste of her.



Full of grace, beauty, and a sensuality to captivate any senses is the luscious Yenne Sakkara. This sweet bunny is here to keep you in her arms, and maybe go for a nice stroll along the beach. No matter what you choose to do with her, there will be no disappointment from anyone.



Even March’s Dancer of the Month is up for auction! V’akra Shikhu is a dream. I hear this kitten has claws, so watch out with her. Unless you like that sort of thing, but who wouldn’t? V’akra is willing to give you the night of your life with a little wining and dining. I hear she looks perfect under the pale moonlight, maybe you should take advantage of that.



Careful with this one folks! Our favorite pirate is up to no good, and she'll rock you in so many ways; she even has a flair for the arts deep down, maybe you can get some pictures together or ask her to immortalize your beauty? Let's get this pirate her bounty tonight, and you some booty!


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