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Gilane Katarna

Born in Gridania, Gil didn't have the best of childhoods due to his unstable aether issue and his relationship with his Mother. At the age of 15 Gil decided to grab whatever he could and made his way to Limsa, working cargo until he came of age to enlist. After being discharged he spent a few years traveling around and working as a sell sword. After he traveled back home and took up work as a bodyguard. When he's not working as one he's generally working on something Magitek, reading a book, or helping out where he can.


Zo'rah Brightlance

All deserts have their flowers, and Zo'rah enures Dalmasca is no exception. Born in Golmore Jungle, she left at an early age and wandered Dalmasca for over a decade, studying botany and learning to adapt to life away from the forest villages. Her studies soon led her out of Dalmasca to Eorzea, where the winds blew this desert tumbleweed to the Knob, and Zo'rah discovered a sense of family she thought she had lost back home. Quick with a smile, Zo'rah is always willing to lend an ear to listen, to recommend a drink or snack at the bar, or answer any questions- though she may ask you to help her practice her sentences!


Vile Montblanc

Don’t let this wall flower fool you. Shy and meek on the surface, but inside beats the heart of a showman with a silver tongue to match. He loves getting to know new people and is quick to do whatever he can to bring a smile to faces, new or familiar.


Wyra Cenmo

A former-miqo now with a distinct canine like appearance, Wyra is a quiet and reserved presence at the Guilded Knob. Working as an alchemist and historian on most days, occasionally this witch will spend her evenings at the GK, conversing with long time associates and strangers alike.


Yuma Hayate

Yuma is a bit of a grouch. Often finding himself alone in a corner, giving an evil eye to everyone that passes. While he may seem unapproachable, Yuma is just awkward and doesn't really know how to talk to people.


Cvlta Vorh'n

Dangerous eyes and a seductive smile all attached to a body of porcelain perfection. Cvlta is an enigma. Beautiful in ways that can't only be seen by the eyes. They give off an aura of regality and warmth, like that of a motherly queen. Simply being within her presence makes a person feel like the belle can do anything for them, and if given the chance, Cvlta will do everything in their power to make that feeling become a reality.


Lilyana Eventide

Alchemist, doctor and professional lunatic, Lily only lives in reality a good 3% of the time. Need medical advice from someone dressed like a pirate? She's got you covered. The part-time Miqo'te enjoys conversing with alligators, debating with animated eldritch tomes and inventing new ways to blow things up.


Kam Arulaq

Kam is a half voidsent warrior of the Arulaq tribe in the mountainous north of the Azim Steppe. He left on his twenty fourth nameday in search of his twin sister rumoured to be in the Western lands of Eorzea. He now travels the lands helping those without the funds to get proper assistance. Making friends, allies, and enemies, hoping that his journeys will help lead to his sister.


Skarlett Faulkner

Skarlett is a Voidsent Fennec Fox, and while it sounds a little frightening, she is quite friendly, though a bit on the flirtatious side she means nothing by it, she's spoken for after all, but that doesn't mean you can't talk to her! She's always happy to meet new people. There is more to her, but you'll have to find out for yourself.~


Rose'ille Beauforth

A pronounced woman of Ishgardian background and once a full fledged Adventurer. Rose frequents the grounds with previous protective force, but welcomes you to Indulge with her, be it in conversation or in other Intimate fields. Her demeanor would say she's intimidating, but disregard, just like in Ishgard, if you sit by her any evening you're sure to be in for a wonderful display, all you need to do is ask~


Nulune Anueh

An Elezen from Ishgard, she is new to the stage. Having decided to step back from adventuring after having done so for many years, she has found a new place in the Knob. Usually reserved, she does not tend to show much of her passions outside of closed doors, but get her alone and she lets herself loose. Dominant or submissive, either of these roles she is happy to perform in, a performance that will hopefully leave her new clients just as satisfied as her previous ones.


Thrin Battleheart

Thrinaga, or Thrin, is a friendly and caring soul outside the bedroom - and a shameless hedonist inside it. If you're looking for a good time, he'll be sure to provide, no matter what you're looking for!

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