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Zo'rah Brightlance

Housefront / Host


Personal RP Page

All deserts have their flowers, and Zo'rah enures Dalmasca is no exception. Born in Golmore Jungle, she left at an early age and wandered Dalmasca for over a decade, studying botany and learning to adapt to life away from the forest villages. Her studies soon led her out of Dalmasca to Eorzea, where the winds blew this desert tumbleweed to the Knob, and Zo'rah discovered a sense of family she thought she had lost back home. Quick with a smile, Zo'rah is always willing to lend an ear to listen, to recommend a drink or snack at the bar, or answer any questions- though she may ask you to help her practice her sentences!

"This one, she would offer you service, yes? Perhaps one would care to see the menu?"

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