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Cooking again on the GK Website!

Hey everyone! Sorry about all the dust here, I've set The Vacuum™ to start clearing away all the grime and the cobwebs.

While our Discord is bustling with activity and announcements almost every day (to the point people are like "Stop pinging" our website here has been devoid of activity for some time. I do believe it is time to change that.

Please pardon our construction as we fix up some sections of the website and introduce new ones. If you are looking at these sections and things look suspect or off, just take a look at our Discord for information.

Currently I am working on repairing the staff pages, so they might look barren now. Don't worry, we're all still here. Check back later to see an updated list.

With a bit of time and elbow grease, I hope we can amaze you with new features and options for you here at the GK. Keep an eye out for updates!

Thank you!

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