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ERP Prebookings and Hiring Returns!

Hello again! I just wanted to let everyone know of a few repairs that we finished here under the hood of this very website! The ERP Prebookings form and the Hiring Applications have been repaired and are ready to take your requests for pleasure, whether it in a private room or in joining our little loving family.


Beat the Rush with Prebookings!

We are once again accepting prebookings for your favorite dancer or staff member to join you in a private session! As a reminder, each of our bookings during open hours cost 100,000 gil per hour per staff, with 50,000 gil added per each additional patron. While you are most welcome to come to the bookings desk (Right in front of you as you walk in!) and check if a dancer is available for your session, it is often a good idea to prebook and guarantee your favorite dancer or staff will be available for your pleasurable appointment. Also, prebookings for off-hours bookings are open! These bookings are always subject to the availability of the staff, but is a good way to have all the fun of a Gilded Knob night, any night. Off-hours bookings cost slightly higher (150,000 Gil per hour per staff, with a 75,000 added per each additional patron.) As always, we will try to be as accommodating to your request as possible!

Also a quick reminder: While you can book only dancers during Gilded Knob hours, Off-hour sessions can be booked with any of our staff with their consent! Especially handy when you have an eye on that sexy Casino dealer for more than just cards and dice...


The Gilded Knob wants you!

We are also hiring new, lovely friends for all positions here at the Gilded Knob! As we reopen and grow, we'd love to slip you into something a bit more comfortable... a shiny new gold outfit with gem-colored trim, that is! If you want to take part as a lovely dancer, a skilled bartender, a talented jack-of-trades in our housefront, or a cunning casino handler, We want you! (of course, the camaraderie and the added gil in your wallet doesn't hurt, either!) Click here to check out this page and Join Us!


More Updates Coming Soon!

We hope that you'll visit our site again and again as more updates come in! I'll be here with a toolkit, fixing up these old gears and wires and getting out some extra fun content soon! We will be happy to reveal to you all some fun new projects, including the VIP Stories pages as well as the Meet the Staff interview pages, as well as build up our secret VIP menu (shh!). Plus, we have all new events coming up soon, so stay tuned!

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